MIB 23 (Men In Black & Jump Street 23 crossover)


Men in Black and Jump Street in 1 movie together. This would also be a new beginning for Men in Black that will star 2 new male actors in their late twenties. Roshon Fegan (24) and Trevor Jackson (19) have both been named. Both are still very young. But they’re named. While Miles Teller (29), Michael B. Jordan (29) and Dylan O’Brien (24) have also been named. They would star alongside Jonah Hill (32) and Channing Tatum (36). Dylan O’Brien or Miles Teller (29) could be starring as “Jay”. While Michael B. Jordan, Roshon Fegan or Trevor Jackson could be starring as “Kay”. Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan are both listed as favorited for the role, both are in their late twenties, as their characters, both are friends, both have played together, both are great actors, both are funny. While Dylan O’Brien might get the part, because of his fanbase. Sinqua Walls (31) hasn’t been named, but the actor has said that he would love to be a part of the movie. While both Sinqua and Dylan have starred on Teen Wolf. They could both be eyed for the role.


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