New release date for Journey 3 and Journey 4!


Josh Hutcherson (23) is a busy man, but the same goes to Dwayne Johnson (44). Both are confirmed to return for “Journey 3: From the Earth to the Moon” and “Journey 4: In 80 Days Around the World”. The third movie is getting a new release dat, June 16, 2017 and the fourth movie is also getting a release date, November 30, 2018.

Vanessa Hudgens (27) is not return for neither. While Michael Caine (83) and Anna Colwell are set to return for the third movie. Sean Anderson (Josh Hutcherson) will get a new love interest. Brad Peyton (36) has eyed Emma Watson (26), Nina Dobrev (27), Ashley Benson (26), Shelley Hennig (29) and Alexandra Daddario (30). One of these girls could appear in both new Journey movies.

Another male or 2 are also going to star in one or both movies as the sibling(s) of this new love interest. Brad Peyton has eyed the new big Hollywood star Dylan O’Brien (24) for this role. Zac Efron (28) and Colton Haynes (27) are both eyed for that position.

While this are just actors that are eyed for the roles, sometimes it turns out to be someone verry different. A dad and mom of these characters are also confirmed, but no one is really eyed besides Brad Pitt (52) and Angelina Jolie (40). But they probably won’t star in the new Journey movies. Tom Holland (19) is also eyed for a role in the third movie.



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