Marti Matulis joins Teen Wolf


Marti Matulis (45) joins the cast as “The outlaw”, one of The Ghost Riders.

Gabrielle Elyse (19) joins the cast as “Jayden), she will appear in 2 episodes, maybe more.

Ross Butler (26) joins the cast as “Nathan”, he’ll be in more than 5 episodes, his character is a new part for the older pack. His character doesn’t believe in the supernatural till something big happens.

Alex Saxon (28) is in talks to join the cast as “Deputy Michael Thompson”. But if he doesn’t agrees, they’ll give this storyline to “Deputy Strauss” that’s portrayed by Aaron Thornton (30).

Alisha Boe (19) has joined the cast in an unknown role. She’ll appear in more than 3 episodes and might be a new addition to the “Teen Wolf 2.0”.

Pete Ploszek (29) is a big actor and will join the cast as “Mr. Garrett Douglas” his character is a new teacher, young, charming and mysterious.

Harry Styles (22), Jake T. Austin (21) and Ross Lynch (20) are not joining the show.

Teen Wolf is in talks with 6, “9” feet actor/director Paul Davis (35). It’s not sure if he would direct or act in the show.

More casting news comes next week, on May 19, 2016 Riverdale is getting a teaser out!


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