Fantastic 4 : Fancast


Reed Richards - Mr. Fantastic

Dylan O’Brien (24) as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic.

Why? He would be eyed for a role in the MCU and rumors even say for this role and he’s amazing!

Susan Storm - Invisible Woman.jpg

Jennifer Lawrence (25) as Susan Storm/Invisible Woman

Why? Great casting is always important. Having Dylan O’Brien and Jennifer Lawrence in a movie would have fans go up easily! But a beautiful woman as Susan Storm is always nice!

Johnny Storm - Human Torch

Logan Lerman (24) as Johnny Storm/Human Torch

Why? After being in Percy Jackson and Fury he showed us he has talent. Starting on a new franchise and finally a succes would be calming and cool for Logan. 

Ben Grimm - The Thing.jpg

Dominic Sherwood (26) as Ben Grimm/The Thing.

Why? He’s a good actor, not great. But surprises come as the best in big movies. He wouldn’t be much in the movie as a person. They shouldn’t go slow again. Having Dom as The Thing would be cool, he has a cool voice and seeing him in act as a person in some parts would be way better for him!


This would be my casting for the Fantastic 4. If you don’t think the same, tell me who you would cast in the comments.


Spider-Man: Homecoming (Casting)


Sebastian Stan (33) is rumored to join the cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming. How would Bucky fit into the movie? We don’t know yet? Bucky Barnes (A.K.A. The Winter Soldier) and Spider-Man fighting together, sounds cool. But with Iron Man? What would this mean. This would be a big surprise. But Marvel would be having a badass movie.

Paul Rudd (47) was also mentioned. Either Bucky or Scott join in on Spider-Man. This wouldn’t be a big part of the movie. But hey, they said the same about Spider-Man in Civil War. This could be Sebastian’s first movie in the MCU beside Captain America’s trilogy.

It’s not sure, but Spider-Man might even join in on Deadpool 3. But they didn’t even finish the second one yet.

Marvel would be getting Fantastic Four back for a movie in 2019, 2020 or 2021.

Misfits: Fancast


Doing a show, reboot, remake, a show based on comics, it’s all easy if you’ve got the right cast. I’ll do a fancast of Misfits. But if it isn’t so good. I’m sorry. You can always share you’re cast in the comments. I’ll do 3 boys and 3 girls between 1985-1995. They’ll be in the early/mid twenties.


Colton Haynes (27) would be the right man for a main role. He has been in “Teen Wolf”, “Arrow”, “The Grinder” and even “San Andreas”.


Katie Cassidy (29) is one of the beautiful actresses in the USA. She would be the right choice as a love interest for Haynes his character. She has worked on “Arrow”, “Supernatural” and “The Flash”.


Indiana Evans (25) has starred in “H2O” and “Blue Lagoon”, she hasn’t really been busy lately, while Claire Holt, Phoebe Tonkin and Brenton Thwaites have been doing a lot lately.


Michael Trevino (31) has starred on the hit show “The Vampire Diaries”, he also starred on “The Originals”, “The Riches” and “Cane”. He would be perfect casting.


Shane Harper (23) from “Dance on Sunset”, to “Good Luck Charlie” and “Awkward” to “Happyland”. He’s still young and have another lead role in a bigger show would be the next step in his acting career.


Amanda Bynes (30) is doing “very good”. She would love to go back to acting. We all know she’s a great actress and she’s still very beautiful. It would come as a surprise, but a lot of people would want to see this.

While one of the vilains should definitely be a big name, Neal McDonough has been starring on “Arrow”, Wesley Snipes has starred on “The Player”, big names pop up everywhere lately. One season isn’t so bad. Scott Eastwood (30) is a great actor, while they could always pick Cody Walker (27).

It’s all about the casting and how they make a reboot or remake.

Different powers, different names. Same story. That’s what makes it better. I would definitely consider the speedster powers for one of the characters, while the powers or similar powers to Spider-Man would be awesome too.


Teen Wolf: Season 6 (Harry Styles joining?)


Rumors go wild about Harry Styles (22) joining Teen Wolf. Movie Pilot might even go really far. In another post of Movie Pilot it looks true. But we shouldn’t believe it yet. If he joins or not. We should be happy either way and not get our heads up to much.

Dylan O’Brien (24) was spotted on the set of Teen Wolf on April 28, 2016. If this is true, he might be filming. He’s doing fine now, he’s (almost) fully recovered.

Cody Christian (21) isn’t filming yet. He tweeted something else. I had that rumor from a site palameros. Sorry if anybody misunderstood. That’s why i had “that’s a rumor” after it.

Back to Harry Styles (22). If Harry joins, it might only be a 1 season deal. But with Harry’s face, he couldn’t play a villain. Teen Wolf would like a big name in their new season to give the ratings a boost.

Tyler Posey (25) is going to record music and he might even make an album or EP. Check his instagram for that! He shared a little peek at what’s to come.

Ryan Kelley (29) is filming Teen Wolf’s episode 4, that’s according to Palameros, if we can believe it.

Spider-Man: Homecoming: Spoilers, casting, more


Tom Holland (19) will star in the new Spider-Man movie. Robert Downey Jr (51) will star in the movie with Tom Holland, Robert will reprise his role as Tony Stark/Iron Man. Marisa Tomei (51) has been cast as Aunt May Parker. Zendaya (19) has been cast as Michelle who might only make a little cameo. But hey they said the same about Peter Parker in Civil War, that was a good laugh. Tony Revolori (20) will star in the movie as Miguel. One of the enemies of Peter Parker, but not one of the enemies of Spider-Man. Laura Harrier (19) has been cast, but her role is still unknown. Flash Thompson, Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson aren’t casted yet. If they get cast, that’s still a question. Tony Revolori’s character is actually one of the same type of characters as Flash Thompson. It’s still unknown who will be the love interest of Peter Parker.

Michael Keaton (64) won’t be playing the villain, that’s been confirmed. While a new name might be added to the list Sebastian Stan (33) might be playing a small role as Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier. This is still a rumor.

More Avengers or people that have been in Civil War will be added to the cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming. The new villain won’t be one we have seen before in the movies.

Spider-Man is set to premiere July 22, 2017.


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Fast & Furious 8: News, Casting, Spoilers, more


Fast & Furious 8 won’t have Paul Walker in the new movie. But it will still be a great movie, one of the friends of Paul Walker, Scott Eastwood (30) has recently joined the cast for the new movie as Kurt Russel’s (65) character Mr. Nobody’s protegé. Charlize Theron (40) will be playing the villain of the movie. While Jason Statham (50) will reprise his role as Deckard Shaw. Vin Diesel (50), Dwayne Johnson (43), Michelle Rodriguez (37), Tyrese Gibson (37) and Ludacris (38) will all 5 reprise their roles in the franchise. Lucas Black (33) also signed up for the new movie. Kristofer Hivju (37) is also playing a part in the movie. Eva Mendes (42) will probably reprise her role as Monica Fuentes. Justin Bieber (22) has been rumored to play a small part in the movie with plans for the next movie. But this seems to be fan fiction. Jordana Brewster (36) and Nathalie Emmanuel (27) might be returning for the new movie too.

The new movie will start shooting in Cuba, they will also shoot in New York, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Iceland and more locations.

The cast will announce new names and news very soon.

Fast & Furious 8 will premiere on April 14, 2017.


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Teen Wolf: Season 6 (Spoilers & Rumors)


Dylan Sprayberry (17) might take over the role of Tyler Posey (25). Teen Wolf season 7 hasn’t been confirmed at all. But in season 6A and 6B we’re going to see changes. Scott (Tyler Posey) teaching Liam Dunbar (Dylan Sprayberry) how to control his powers and to become the perfect leader. We’re going to see Liam accelerating towards becoming an Alpha. We’re going to see Teen Wolf 2.0 take over, but not 100%. We all know Liam is a very strong Beta, probably as strong as a normal Alpha. He almost killed Scott. But Scott had a lot of Wolfsbane in him. So we can’t say that Liam is stronger. But he’s strong. We’re also going to see a cute love scene with him and Hayden Romero (Victoria Moroles. Victoria Moroles (19) is Scott’s second beta and she will get a development because of that. She will need some help and Scott is feeling Anxiety and new villains are coming. Liam will becoming her type of Alpha in that. Khylin Rhambo (20) is one of the fans favorite. He reminds them of Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien). He also has his own personality. He’ll deal with what happened in season 5B. Mason (Khylin Rhambo) becoming the beast. Corey (Michael Johnston) will keep Mason save. Michael Johnston (18) is one of the new guys of last season. He’s Mason’s boyfriend. He’ll be struggling with his chimera powers.

Cody Christian (21) was dragged to hell in the last episode of season 5B. He’ll be back, he said on Twitter that he will start filming soon. He didn’t say what project but the fans know what’s coming. Theo Raeken (Cody Christian) is set for a redemption story. He’ll be a human when he’s back. That’s a rumor.

Ryan Kelley (29) will be struggling with his day and night job. He wants to take control. Jordan Parrish (Ryan Kelley) will also be questioning if he was the hero he needed to be. Ryan Kelley would already be filming episode 4 of Teen Wolf’s season 6.

Tyler Posey will have a great scene with Stiles in episode 2, it hasn’t been filmed yet, but it’s confirmed.

Dylan O’Brien’s character Stiles will get a love story with Holland Roden’s (29) character Lydia. This will make Stydia fans very happy. Something big will happen to Stiles in episode 1. While a big development for Lydia isn’t a secret.

Shelley Hennig (28) is returning to Teen Wolf in season 6. Some articles even say she will only be a recurring actress in the new season. This can be fake. Her character Malia Tate will get a development in stength with what happened between her and her mother (The desert wolf). Her father Peter Hale (Ian Bohen) might pop up in season 6. Ian Bohen (39) has been seen on set of Teen Wolf with a script.

Daniel Sharman (30) has also been on the set of Teen Wolf. He was talking to Jeff Davis (40) the creator of Teen Wolf. It’s not confirmed if he’ll be back.

Colton Haynes (27) and Tyler Hoechlin (28) won’t be back in season 6A. Colton Haynes won’t be returning to the series ever again.

Jake T. Austin (21), Ross Lynch (20) and Harry Styles (22) have been rumored to join the cast of Teen Wolf. Ross Lynch is totally fake. Jake T. Austin might be right, but he was only on set of Teen Wolf because he’s filming to their set very close. He’s filming a movie called “The Valley”. Harry Styles is rumored to join Teen Wolf or Scream Queens. This was rumored by Capital FM and Australian Network News.

Alisha Boe (19) is going to portray a new teenager in Beacon Hills. A young girl that’s going to end up being a total badass.

Pete Ploszek (29) is going to portray a charming, young, handsome teacher called Mr. Garrett Douglas.

The Nazi Werewolf was the first villain confirmed by Jeff Davis. While the Wild Hunt is rumored to be the second main villain in season 6A. The new mythology will be a ghost stroy and they will be 3 new tall villains. The Wild Hunt is also known as the Ghost Riders.

This new mythology and the nazi werewolf won’t be good news for the sheriff station. Sheriff Stilinski’s life will be in danger more than once. Deputy Jordan Parrish, Deputy Valerie Clarke (Benita Robledo) and Deputy Strauss (Aaron Thornton) will get a development in that. While Benita Robledo’s (29) and Aaron Thornton’s (30) characters have seen and heard some things about the supernatural, they will also get a development in that.

Cody Saintgnue (22) will reprise his role as Brett Talbot in season 6. Probably season 6B.

JR Bourne (46), Orny Adams (45) and Melissa Ponzio (43) have all 3 been seen on set for Teen Wolf season 6. Lacrosse is rumored to be back in episode 2. People have seen the cast close to the Lacrosse field and they have seen Coach Bobby Finstock (Orny Adams) on set of that episode.

The first episode will be called “Memory Lost”, the second episode is rumored to be called “Memory Field” while another episode is rumored to be called “Memory Flashback”. Memory will be a big part of the season, confirmed by Jeff Davis.

We might see Scott McCall in a bisexual releationship in the new season. That’s rumored by Movie Pilot. While the season will be focused on Scott and Stiles and the meaning of the friendship. Sciles fans will be very, very happy with this.

Dylan O’Brien is still recovering, but he’s rumored to be back on the set of Teen Wolf in June when Teen Wolf will start filming episode 5. Dylan would caught up on Episode 2,3, 4 and 5 and then return back to the set of The Maze Runner late July. Dylan would have a very small part in episode 3 and 5. He would be back in time to film episode 6 and 7.

Teen Wolf was rumored to be back on the small screen in June. That’s not true MTV has “This fall” in their post. That means that Teen Wolf will return this fall. September, 27 at 9Pm.


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