Teen Wolf: Season 6 (Harry Styles joining?)


Rumors go wild about Harry Styles (22) joining Teen Wolf. Movie Pilot might even go really far. In another post of Movie Pilot it looks true. But we shouldn’t believe it yet. If he joins or not. We should be happy either way and not get our heads up to much.

Dylan O’Brien (24) was spotted on the set of Teen Wolf on April 28, 2016. If this is true, he might be filming. He’s doing fine now, he’s (almost) fully recovered.

Cody Christian (21) isn’t filming yet. He tweeted something else. I had that rumor from a site palameros. Sorry if anybody misunderstood. That’s why i had “that’s a rumor” after it.

Back to Harry Styles (22). If Harry joins, it might only be a 1 season deal. But with Harry’s face, he couldn’t play a villain. Teen Wolf would like a big name in their new season to give the ratings a boost.

Tyler Posey (25) is going to record music and he might even make an album or EP. Check his instagram for that! He shared a little peek at what’s to come.

Ryan Kelley (29) is filming Teen Wolf’s episode 4, that’s according to Palameros, if we can believe it.


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