Misfits: Fancast


Doing a show, reboot, remake, a show based on comics, it’s all easy if you’ve got the right cast. I’ll do a fancast of Misfits. But if it isn’t so good. I’m sorry. You can always share you’re cast in the comments. I’ll do 3 boys and 3 girls between 1985-1995. They’ll be in the early/mid twenties.


Colton Haynes (27) would be the right man for a main role. He has been in “Teen Wolf”, “Arrow”, “The Grinder” and even “San Andreas”.


Katie Cassidy (29) is one of the beautiful actresses in the USA. She would be the right choice as a love interest for Haynes his character. She has worked on “Arrow”, “Supernatural” and “The Flash”.


Indiana Evans (25) has starred in “H2O” and “Blue Lagoon”, she hasn’t really been busy lately, while Claire Holt, Phoebe Tonkin and Brenton Thwaites have been doing a lot lately.


Michael Trevino (31) has starred on the hit show “The Vampire Diaries”, he also starred on “The Originals”, “The Riches” and “Cane”. He would be perfect casting.


Shane Harper (23) from “Dance on Sunset”, to “Good Luck Charlie” and “Awkward” to “Happyland”. He’s still young and have another lead role in a bigger show would be the next step in his acting career.


Amanda Bynes (30) is doing “very good”. She would love to go back to acting. We all know she’s a great actress and she’s still very beautiful. It would come as a surprise, but a lot of people would want to see this.

While one of the vilains should definitely be a big name, Neal McDonough has been starring on “Arrow”, Wesley Snipes has starred on “The Player”, big names pop up everywhere lately. One season isn’t so bad. Scott Eastwood (30) is a great actor, while they could always pick Cody Walker (27).

It’s all about the casting and how they make a reboot or remake.

Different powers, different names. Same story. That’s what makes it better. I would definitely consider the speedster powers for one of the characters, while the powers or similar powers to Spider-Man would be awesome too.



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