Fantastic 4 : Fancast


Reed Richards - Mr. Fantastic

Dylan O’Brien (24) as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic.

Why? He would be eyed for a role in the MCU and rumors even say for this role and he’s amazing!

Susan Storm - Invisible Woman.jpg

Jennifer Lawrence (25) as Susan Storm/Invisible Woman

Why? Great casting is always important. Having Dylan O’Brien and Jennifer Lawrence in a movie would have fans go up easily! But a beautiful woman as Susan Storm is always nice!

Johnny Storm - Human Torch

Logan Lerman (24) as Johnny Storm/Human Torch

Why? After being in Percy Jackson and Fury he showed us he has talent. Starting on a new franchise and finally a succes would be calming and cool for Logan. 

Ben Grimm - The Thing.jpg

Dominic Sherwood (26) as Ben Grimm/The Thing.

Why? He’s a good actor, not great. But surprises come as the best in big movies. He wouldn’t be much in the movie as a person. They shouldn’t go slow again. Having Dom as The Thing would be cool, he has a cool voice and seeing him in act as a person in some parts would be way better for him!


This would be my casting for the Fantastic 4. If you don’t think the same, tell me who you would cast in the comments.


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