Spider-Man: Homecoming: Spoilers, casting, more


Tom Holland (19) will star in the new Spider-Man movie. Robert Downey Jr (51) will star in the movie with Tom Holland, Robert will reprise his role as Tony Stark/Iron Man. Marisa Tomei (51) has been cast as Aunt May Parker. Zendaya (19) has been cast as Michelle who might only make a little cameo. But hey they said the same about Peter Parker in Civil War, that was a good laugh. Tony Revolori (20) will star in the movie as Miguel. One of the enemies of Peter Parker, but not one of the enemies of Spider-Man. Laura Harrier (19) has been cast, but her role is still unknown. Flash Thompson, Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson aren’t casted yet. If they get cast, that’s still a question. Tony Revolori’s character is actually one of the same type of characters as Flash Thompson. It’s still unknown who will be the love interest of Peter Parker.

Michael Keaton (64) won’t be playing the villain, that’s been confirmed. While a new name might be added to the list Sebastian Stan (33) might be playing a small role as Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier. This is still a rumor.

More Avengers or people that have been in Civil War will be added to the cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming. The new villain won’t be one we have seen before in the movies.

Spider-Man is set to premiere July 22, 2017.


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2 gedachtes over “Spider-Man: Homecoming: Spoilers, casting, more

  1. I hope Sebastian Stan helps out Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Homecoming. I love Bucky Barnes, i like his personality in Captain America: Civil War. They should sign him up. Could be very cool to see.

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