Fast & Furious 8: News, Casting, Spoilers, more


Fast & Furious 8 won’t have Paul Walker in the new movie. But it will still be a great movie, one of the friends of Paul Walker, Scott Eastwood (30) has recently joined the cast for the new movie as Kurt Russel’s (65) character Mr. Nobody’s protegé. Charlize Theron (40) will be playing the villain of the movie. While Jason Statham (50) will reprise his role as Deckard Shaw. Vin Diesel (50), Dwayne Johnson (43), Michelle Rodriguez (37), Tyrese Gibson (37) and Ludacris (38) will all 5 reprise their roles in the franchise. Lucas Black (33) also signed up for the new movie. Kristofer Hivju (37) is also playing a part in the movie. Eva Mendes (42) will probably reprise her role as Monica Fuentes. Justin Bieber (22) has been rumored to play a small part in the movie with plans for the next movie. But this seems to be fan fiction. Jordana Brewster (36) and Nathalie Emmanuel (27) might be returning for the new movie too.

The new movie will start shooting in Cuba, they will also shoot in New York, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Iceland and more locations.

The cast will announce new names and news very soon.

Fast & Furious 8 will premiere on April 14, 2017.


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